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When the company L. & C. Steinmüller started building steam boilers in 1874, thus decisively influencing the introduction and development of the modern steam boiler in Germany, the founders were clear about one thing: a company that wants to have a future must possess a healthy degree of instinct, audacity and above all technical knowledge. The present company, Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH, has maintained this attitude to the very day; technical knowledge and a joy in finding technical solutions are firmly rooted in our company. 

Steinmüller Babcock Environment is synonymous worldwide with top technology in thermal waste treatment and flue gas cleaning:  


Whether complete plants or key individual components: we work with precision and quality that deliver a long-term technical solution at the highest level. 

Learn more about our company on the following pages! We present details from our main segments waste to energy, flue gas cleaning and after sales service. The “Company” section explains the history and mentality of the company, the shareholder structure, and management level of Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH. You will also find current international quality assurance certificates and more. 

You are welcome to contact us directly at info@steinmueller-babcock.com.


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