About us

We make the world a cleaner place

Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH stands for top-class technology in thermal waste treatment and flue gas cleaning. We are part of the Japanese company Nippon Steel Engineering Co. Ltd., and thus also a key component of the Nippon Steel Corporation, the world’s second-largest steel manufacturer. We offer the experience and flexibility of a traditional, medium-sized German company, combined with the strength and vision of a global concern.  

Our roots trace back to the company L. & C. Steinmüller, which was decisive in driving the invention of the steam boiler. For more than 50 years we have been developing solutions worldwide for thermal waste treatment in waste incineration plants (waste to energy) and for flue gas treatment in large power plants. As one of the leading companies internationally in these areas, we support you in realising your projects. You decide to what extent: whether as a general contractor (EPC contractor) for turnkey plants, or as the supplier of individual batches or components. 

Our technical know-how

More than 1,600 reference plants in 50 countries worldwide attest to our technical expertise. Each of these plants provides a perfectly tailored solution to an individual challenge. Our wealth of knowledge and experience grows with each plant; we are constantly finding new, improved technical solutions. Your advantage is the security of receiving a plant with the latest state of technology – which you can also preserve and maintain with our help. In order to safeguard our competitive edge in the future too, our research and development department works closely with technical universities and research institutes. We invest in knowledge, and develop future technologies together. Almost 300 employees around the world then work on applying these specifically in plant construction; experienced and highly-qualified engineers who use the latest tools to ensure the best engineering quality of the plants. Thanks to our professional structure, including transparent operational processes, we deliver technical standards for the highest demands; combined with the seamless processing of each order, punctuality, and comprehensive after-sales service.

The Steinmüller-Babcock butterflies

The butterflies have accompanied us for many years. In Antiquity, butterflies symbolised immortality and rebirth. Today they are regarded as biological indicators, since they react quickly to changes in climate caused by environmental pollution. We use butterflies actively as a symbol of our contribution to a cleaner environment, now and in the future. With our technologies we will contribute actively to preserving our environment for coming generations. And although our contribution might be limited: with his “butterfly effect”, the mathematician and meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz already demonstrated that even small changes can lead to new developments in the long term. Let’s work on that together. 

Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH

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