Energy from Waste

We make a clean business out of thermal recovery! 

During the incineration of waste, flue gases containing different kinds of pollutants are produced. If left untreated, they would cause considerable air pollution. We clean flue gases with the latest advanced technologies, formulated on the basis of decades of development and practical experience. Health-damaging emissions based on dioxins, dust or heavy metals, are excluded. The air surrounding the plants is proven to be clean. Thanks to the strict regulations to which thermal waste treatment is subject in Europe, the flue gases from the chimneys of Energy-from-Waste plants are often cleaner than the surrounding air.

Steinmüller Babcock Environment offers a broad technology portfolio, from which the optimal solutions can be chosen and combined for every fuel and for all customer-specific framework conditions. Depending on each customer’s wishes, the flue gas cleaning can also be used to improve efficiency, for example by means of a flue gas condensation stage. With decades of experience in constructing flue gas cleaning plants, also in large power stations, we can present corresponding meaningful reference projects from effective and reliable plants.

Overview of our technologies


  • Fabric filter
  • Electric filter
  • Wet electro-filter

Removal of acidic pollutants

  • Conditioned dry absorption with calcium hydroxide
  • Dry absorption with sodium bicarbonate
  • Combined absorption processes
  • Combined scrubbing systems on the basis of calcium products or sodium hydroxide
  • Spray absorption/wet scrubbing

Removal of heavy metals and organic compounds

  • Filter layer adsorber/entrained flow process
  • Packed bed adsorber/activated carbon technology
  • Catalytic dioxin reduction


  • SCR process for catalytic NOx reduction, as high-dust or low-dust circuit
  • SNCR process for non-catalytic NOx reduction by means of ammonia or urea solution

Energy recovery systems

  • Downstream economiser
  • Heat transfer systems to preheat combustion air
  • Flue gas condensation, e.g. for district heating use (optionally with heat pump)
  • Heat transfer systems within the flue gas cleaning to optimise energy efficiency 
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