Energy from Waste

The steam generator – a boiler full of energy 

The steam generators by Steinmüller Babcock Environment are optimally adapted to each application. When designing them we consider customer requirements and benefit from the many decades of experience of our engineering team, as well as the knowledge gained in countless realised projects.

Calorific value  

We optimise the furnace according to the calorific value. We adapt the form and design to allow optimum combustion, while complying with the residence time requirements. We realise concepts from adiabatic combustion chambers to fully cladded versions. When designing the 1st pass we optimise heat transfer by selecting suitable ceramic protective systems, right through to fully cladded versions.

Waste throughput/capacity       

We dimension the firing chamber and the subsequent flues and heating surfaces in accordance with the capacity of the firing system and by calculating the optimal flow and temperature profile.

Steam parameters

Whether hot water generator, saturated steam boiler or steam parameters optimised for energy efficiency: We plan the optimal heat transfer, the ideal heating surface arrangement and the best possible energy use for all requirements.

Thermal cycle

The integration of individual energy flows from the water-steam circuit in the steam generator is possible via re-heaters or economiser heating surfaces; we coordinate the interface parameters to ensure that optimisation of the overall plant is in focus.

Corrosion tendency

Depending on the corrosion tendency of the flue gases, the flue gas-side temperature profile, and the surface temperatures of the heating surfaces, we develop the necessary protective systems for you with the right materials to guarantee the long lifetime of the heating surfaces.

Partial load behaviour and plant dynamics

We configure the amount of heating surfaces and dimensions according to the requirements of the plant for the part load behaviour. This allows plant operation with a high degree of flexibility.

Fouling behaviour

When it comes to the flow-related design and the selection of suitable de-dusting methods, we rely on our many years of experience and the analysis of the fouling behaviour of countless plants. We configure and optimise the travel time of the steam generator in accordance with customer requirements. Depending on the design of the heating surfaces, we use spray cleaning, explosion cleaning, soot-blowers, rappers or shot cleaning systems.


With the ideal design of the heating surfaces we achieve the highest possible energetic utilisation of the waste-to-energy plant. The economiser surfaces are also optimally arranged, in order to make maximum use of the heat from the flue gas, while also reduce the exhaust gas temperature. 

Steam generator concept     

We plan the steam generators according to the available base area and any height restrictions, as well as complying with all necessary framework conditions. It is possible to position the convection passes both vertically and horizontally, and the number and design of the passes are variable. Our steam generators are maintenance-friendly designs that allow time-optimised heating surface exchange.

Static concept   

Depending on the size and design of the boiler housing, we realise both suspended and freestanding concepts.

The steam generators by Steinmüller Babcock Environment are tailor made

The steam generators by Steinmüller Babcock Environment are tailor made

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