Energy from Waste

A twofold clean solution: Waste to Water

It is a sad fact that there continues to be an insufficient supply of drinking water in many regions of the world. In some cases, any available water is polluted by industry or agriculture, or not enough surface water or groundwater is available. In both cases, the use of seawater is a possibility for countries near the coast. Before seawater can be used as drinking water, it must first be desalinated, which requires a considerable amount of energy. The waste-to-water concept combines the solutions of two problems and uses the energy from waste incineration to prepare seawater in a seawater desalination plant. This not only provides you with clean, and above all economically-generated drinking water, it also represents a clean and hygienic solution for household and commercial waste.

When planning a waste-to-water plant we first examine the specific local conditions. Depending on the local application, the type and quality of the available waste, and the desired desalination technique, we combine technologies that are common on the market, such as reverse osmosis with membranes (RO), multi-stage flash distillation (MSF) or multi-effect distillation (MED). Membrane methods are used above all when the power generated in the incineration plant can be used for desalination. Distillation methods are suitable when the power generated is to be fed into electricity networks. The distillation method is supplied with waste steam from the turbine here, and is therefore an intelligent way of using waste heat, respectively combined heat and power.

We will draft the most suitable concepts for you and organise the complete implementation, from the initial plans and the preparation of economic feasibility and viability studies to the design, construction and commissioning of the finished turnkey plant. 

Clean drinking water through thermal waste recovery – a clean solution for two challenges

Clean drinking water through thermal waste recovery – a clean solution for two challenges

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