Flue Gas Cleaning

Denitrification – last stage for capturing climate-damaging gases

Anthropogenic nitrogen oxide emissions from incineration processes are - amongst others - responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer in the stratosphere. In Germany, the first steps were taken to counter this problem in 1984, with the introduction of industrial denitrification technologies downstream steam generators. Steinmüller Babcock Environment is a pioneer in this technology and delivers a high level of innovation and reliability in this area up to today.

The first objective of denitrification (also known as DeNOx) is to remove climate-damaging nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from the flue gases, or to reduce these to elementary nitrogen by means of a reaction with ammonia. The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) method has prevailed in industrial flue gas treatment. Today, we achieve the required NOX separation efficiency of more than 90 % directly after steam generation (“high dust”) or downstream from the flue gas scrubbers (“tail end”), depending on the type of plant and sulphur load of the flue gas. Both methods work safely and robustly with all fuels, such as coal, oil, substitute fuels, or in the thermal recovery of waste.

As a pioneer of SCR technology, we built Europe’s first commercial high dust plant as early as 1985. This was followed in 1987 at the Altbach Power Station, with 460 MW, by the world’s first tail-end SCR plant, at the Hamburg Port Power Station, with 150 MW.

We offer new concepts and retrofitting in the area of denitrification. We also provide special solutions that not only denitrify, but which also destroy or oxidise dioxins, furans and mercury. In addition, we can offer you a special service for catalyst management. 

SCR high dust plant for a 650 MW steam generator

SCR high dust plant for a 650 MW steam generator

Model of a retrofitted high dust SCR denitrification system

Model of a retrofitted high dust SCR denitrification system         

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