Flue Gas Cleaning

After Sales Service for flue gas cleaning 

In particular in a time of declining demand on the electricity market and partly uncertain energy policy prospects, as well as toughening environmental standards, the optimisation and modernisation potential of older plants is increasingly gaining in importance. We have proven our expertise in the construction of environmental systems in power plants many times over, and we are also happy to utilise this know-how in the further development of existing plants with our After Sales Service. After Sales Service from Steinmüller Babcock Environment utilises our many years of experience as a plant constructor and the expertise of all design and development departments, with more than 200 employees.

In order to fully utilise the potential of a plant, a clean status analysis is essential, which can only be generated through a close exchange with the operator. Our portfolio here includes not only inventory-taking and optimisation analyses, but also implementation. If concrete plans for plant optimisation already exist then we are the right point of contact for executing this work. We can therefore assist you in setting the right course for the future.

Here is a selected extract of the services that we offer:

  • Inventory-taking as a basis for further optimisations
  • Adaptation of your plant to changing fuels or new emissions requirements (e.g. Hg limit values)
  • Increase in the plant throughput
  • Improvement in efficiency, reduction in operating costs
  • Concept generation for plant optimisation

  • CFD simulations
  • Execution of conversion measures with existing equipment
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Thermography
  • Support to plant revisions

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