Flue Gas Cleaning

Greenfield EPC and turnkey projects

We are excellently prepared for the turnkey construction of new plants and the execution of large projects in the area of gas cleaning. In such EPC projects (engineering, procurement, construction), Steinmüller Babcock Environment takes on not only technological responsibility for the plant, but also the coordination of the entire processing phase: from the granting of the contract to the turnkey handover of a plant that is ready for operation on schedule. 

To this end, our classical engineering disciplines, such as process engineering, design/layout planning, statics, electrical and control engineering, work together with specialists in project management, scheduling, quality assurance, assembly and commissioning. The smooth cooperation of these departments and disciplines ensures that we can also reliably complete large, complex projects to the required standard of quality, and on schedule.

If you wish to provide certain services yourself in a new construction project, or outsource these to certain partners, we will support you in defining sensible interfaces and supply packages. For example, it is possible to grant the construction of a plant to a local partner, while Steinmüller Babcock Environment, as lot supplier, concentrates on the key technological components. Once again here, our experience as a supplier of complete plants helps to avoid typical interface problems and thus often unnecessary costs. We are happy to provide you with some examples. Even if, in individual cases, our services are restricted to the engineering of the technology used, and the supply of the key process components, we provide a complete guarantee for our technology as long as we can monitor the assembly and commissioning. This concept has proven its worth worldwide. 

Whether as a turnkey EPC supplier or as an engineering service provider with component supply – we shall fulfil your request not only when planning the technologies, but also in selecting the execution concept.

View of the e-filter of the GKM 9

View of the e-filter of the GKM 9

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