Flue Gas Cleaning

Studies and concepts 

When it comes to plant construction, there is something that cannot be quantified in terms of money: experience. We at Steinmüller Babcock Environment offer you our knowledge and our experience in all phases of a project: we plan, design, calculate and build. Key guarantees for the quality and feasibility of a project are studies and concepts. We not only know “what” must be done, but also “how” to implement it. In all large investment projects, the decision is preceded by a feasibility study and/or a cost-benefit analysis. With our many years of extensive experience with gas cleaning plants using all technologies, our expertise provides the decisive added value. We create informative, binding and therefore reliable evaluations and offer all the engineering services that are essential for your project:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Individually tailored concept development studies or comparisons of the performance capability of different technologies, in order to satisfy environmental standards under technical and economic framework conditions
  • Concept development for new constructions or modernisation measures
  • Estimates of investment costs
  • Assessment of expected operating costs
  • Analysis of the operation of running plants to identify potential for technical or economic optimisation
  • Troubleshooting and removal of existing operational restrictions, bottlenecks or problems  

The feasibility studies we conduct make a lot of sense. They contain not only the diverse theoretical knowledge of our planning experts, we also apply the practical knowledge and many years of operational experience in countless reference plants. We can compare, check and draw conclusions accordingly. In addition, as a supplier of turnkey plants (as EPC contractor), we also have specialists from all the necessary technical departments, for example process engineering, CFD flow simulation, design and layout planning, electric and control technology, construction technology, and finally also the areas of assembly, commissioning, project management and scheduling. Thanks to this broad knowledge base, we are able to work holistically and optimally. We have already helped customers many times with our advice: we develop optimal plant concepts, reduce pressure losses (thus saving significant operational costs), we solve noise problems, reduce resource consumption and optimise control concepts, and much more. What can we do for you? 

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