Flue Gas Cleaning

Economical and effective: SCR denitrification

The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) method is considered to be one of the most economical processes for achieving the NOX removal levels of over 90 % required today. The availability, reliability and efficiency of each plant depend on the solution installed in each case – a task for experts. Steinmüller Babcock Environment places the SCR reactor directly downstream the firing (high-dust position) or downstream the flue gas scrubbing (tail-end position). We denitrify with the required operating temperatures of 180-430° C, depending on the type of plant and sulphur load of the flue gas. We have used our technology successfully in steam generators that are fired with coal, oil, biofuels or waste fuels. Other applications, for example after cement furnaces, are in preparation.

When retrofitting existing large steam generators, we adapt the economiser outlet temperature to the required operating temperature of the catalyser with a low load. We have successful references for all possible methods, for example for the modification of an existing economiser, the retrofitting of new eco-bundles downstream from the catalyst, or eco bypasses on the water or gas side.

When Steinmüller Babcock Environment retrofits an SCR system, this includes the whole package. We retrofit the entire flue gas routing including the installation of  suitable heating surfaces for the regenerative air preheater , the optimisation  of the electrostatic precipitator inlet ducting and the new installation or modification of the induced draught fans. Our SCR reactors are flexible and can be equipped with all catalysts on the market, which provides our customers with a clear competitive advantage when it comes to replacing catalyst elements at the end of their lifetime. For even more flexible catalyst management, we may also install reactors with reserve levels upon request. The intelligent layout of the SCR reactors and the catalyser ensures not only the NOX separation and – if required - the destruction of dioxins and furans, but also contributes significantly to mercury removal: Depending on the inlet conditions  the catalyst can oxidise  more than 90 % of metallic mercury constraints; the oxidised mercury can then be removed in the downstream wet scrubbers. This provides a further decisive advantage, since mercury emission limits are becoming ever more important in Europe. 

The expertise of Steinmüller Babcock Environment is based on many years of experience and our pioneering role in the field of environmental technology. In 1985 we built Europe’s first commercial high dust SCR plant, and also the world’s first tail-end SCR plant. This long-term experience has allowed valuable findings to flow into the further development of our technology.

In order to continue meeting the high demands for separation efficiencies for different types of fuel, while at the same time ensuring the long life of the catalysts, we optimise our plants with the help of flow models (scale 1:15) and by means of CFD simulation calculations. We achieve ideal homogenisation of both the flue gas velocity and the NOX concentration in the flue gases.  Injection and mixing of NH3, NH2OH or UREA into the flue gas is very homogeneous too,thanks to our patented DIVA® mixer. It is a worthwhile investment for several reasons: we achieve high levels of NOx removal, the optimal utilisation of the catalyst activity, and low dust deposits in the flue gas ducts and on the catalyser for high dust applications.

The comprehensive service provided by Steinmüller Babcock Environment includes individualised catalyst management. Due to the deposits of certain flue gas components and contact with certain substances, catalyst activity gradually declines over time. At the latest when the maximum permitted NH3 slip has been reached, the activity of the catalyst must be increased. This is possible by means of regeneration, by installing an additional catalyst layer in the reserve level, or by replacing old catalyst layers. We assess the lifespan for you and plan the most economical timeing for stocking up on catalyst volume or replacement. You are always on the safe side with our expertise.

SCR high dust plant at three 660 MW steam generators

SCR high dust plant at three 660 MW steam generators

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