Flue Gas Cleaning

Our fabric filters: Reliable and highly efficient separators 

Our fabric filter technology has proven its worth in many different areas of application and industries. Even in difficult applications, separation rates of over 99.9% are achieved. The spectrum ranges from small and medium filters, for example in industrial applications or waste incineration plants, to large filters with up to 10,000 filter bags in large coal-fired power stations. The solid and effective structure means they can be used in extreme conditions, with low maintenance and at the same time large availability. As well as for pure dust separation, fabric filters can also be used in combination with activated carbon as an entrained flow absorber to remove gaseous pollutants such as mercury or dioxins.

Our fabric filters are comprised of several filter compartments with parallel flow. Individual compartments can be temporarily deactivated without interrupting the operation of the overall plant. The flue gas penetrates the filter bags from outside to inside, while the dust particles are held back. The dust forms a filter cake on the surface of the filter bag, which effectively supports separation. The filter cake is removed from the bags at regular intervals by means of a compressed air pulse. The dust removed is fed via a hopper beneath the compartment to an ash removal system. When selecting the most suitable ash removal system, Steinmüller Babcock Environment relies on its decades of experience and recommends the suitable solution for each individual case. In this way we avoid critical interfaces.

The separation behaviour, cleanability, pressure loss characteristics and lifetime of the filter bags depend on the filter medium used. We know the perfect filter material for every application. We also use our many years of expertise in configuring the inlet flow in the filter compartments. Here, the particular challenge is to distribute the flue gas flow equally among the filter bags, avoiding  an upward flow sweeping previously separated dusts with it. The inlet flow via a baffle plate, developed by Steinmüller Babcock Environment, provides the ideal solution for the even distribution of the gas flow, with a very low pressure loss. 

Advantages of our fabric filter technology 

  • High dust separation rate of up to 99.9 %

  • Low clean gas dust content of < 1 mg/Nm3
  • Simultaneous gaseous pollutant removal possible

  • Treatment of large volume flows
  • Fully-automated cleaning of the filter bags online during operation

  • Exchange of defective filter bags possible during ongoing operation
  • No restrictions in the separation of dust with a high specific electrical dust resistance

  • Various possibilities of applications in all areas of industry and energy production
  • Individual selection of the filter bag material to the operation conditions

Fabric filter from below, view of the individual filter compartments.

Fabric filter from below, view of the individual filter compartments. 

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