Flue Gas Cleaning

Wet electrostatic precipitators – compact solution with combination possibilities

The function of dust separation in electrostatic precipitators is based on an electric field that is built up between the high-voltage discharge electrodes and the earthed collecting plates. When the flue gas flows through the electrostatic filter, the dust particles become electrically charged and are separated at the electrodes through the effect of the electric field forces.

Wet electrostatic precipitators are recommended for the separation of very fine dust, droplets and aerosols. Flow through the honeycomb or tubular collecting electrodes takes place from the bottom to the top and, thanks to their compact structure and high flue gas speeds, enables very efficient performance.

In contrast to dry electrostatic filters, the dust is cleaned from the electrodes not by means of hammers, but by cyclical flushing. This flushing prevents the dust particles from being carried away into the gas flow (“re-entrainment”), which would necessitate a renewed charging and separation. Therefore the dust separator can be operated at significantly higher speeds, yet with a very compact structure. By using a cyclical flushing program tailored to the specific application, water consumption can be kept to a minimum, while at the same time achieving very high separation rates. 

Wet electrostatic precipitators can be ideally combined with upstream scrubbers; here the wet electrostatic filter can be added to the scrubber as an additional stage. This achieves a high separation rate for dust, droplets and aerosols with the best possible use of space. 

Wet electrostatic filter for the separation of ash and activated carbon

Wet electrostatic filter for the separation of ash and activated carbon

Advantages of wet precipitation

  • High aerosol separation rate of over 99.9 %
  • Low clean gas dust content of < 1mg/Nm³

  • Low loss of pressure
  • Separation of sticky and easily flammable dust

View inside a wet electrostatic filter

View inside a wet electrostatic filter

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