Maasvlakte 1&2, Rotterdam/Netherlands

Maasvlakte 1&2, Rotterdam/Netherlands
Customer:Uniper Benelux N.V.
Power plant capacity:
2 x 540 MW
Fuel:bituminous coal
Technology:SCR selective catalytic reduction, limestone-gypsum flue gas desulphurisation
Flue gas flow:4 x 0.9 million [m³ STP/h], wet
Efficiency:>  88% SCR selective catalytic reduction
Scope of supply:engineering, supply, erection and commissioning of four SCR reactors including NH4OH direct injection and NH4OH storage facility,  reconstruction of the economiser,  dismantling of four  air preheaters, supply, erection and commissioning of four new absorber heads including mist eleminators and four wet stacks.

reconstruction of the economiser with new heating surfaces downstream the SCR catalyst, modification of the existing FGD to flue gas discharge via new wet stacks  

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