In order to improve efficiency in the plant, the Steinmüller Babcock Environment active.ignite System was developed for monitoring and adaptive optimisation of combustion. In order to enact this efficiently, the system automatically adapts to changing fuel conditions. If there is too much fuel on the grate, an excessive amount of unburned material is discharged as a result. This not only impedes the entire procedure but contradicts EU directives on the production of re-burned waste and ash. Insufficient fuel on the grate results in uneconomic operation as well.

Stabilising the burnout edge

To counteract this encumbrance, Steinmüller Babcock Environment developed the active.ignite System, ensuring the available combustible material can be used to full capacity.

active.ignite uses a wide range of inputs like temperature measurements, steam flow or setpoints for throughput. It evaluate combustion via camera images and stabilises the burnout edge, ultimately regulating the intensity of the combustion in accordance with the readings. With stable steam generation and an optimum waste throughput, the system guarantees the highest possible burnout and performance.


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