Thanks to our true.view system, Steinmüller Babcock Environment guarantees peak operation of the steinmüller.grate, and an extremely durable plant life. Active monitoring of the entire processes in real time influences the amount of ash that can be continuously analysed, allowing for immediate alterations in the contamination process. As soon as the system detects an abnormal accumulation of fouling on heating surfaces, a cleaning process is automatically initiated, which guarantees optimum usage of the existing facilities.

Innovation with Steinmüller Babcock Environment

Designing with adaptability in mind enables the installation of true.view systems throughout all our developed plants. Integrated by our specialists via remote technology, they are programmed to operate within the system, meaning dated systems can be revived for further use.
Innovation with Steinmüller Babcock Environment.

Steinmüller Babcock Environment

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Steinmüller Babcock Environment

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